The main goal of MIFAC is to focus more light on the subspecialty of foot and ankle in areas that has been -for long- overlooked by orthopaedic surgeons and physicians, keeping an eye on emphasizing the importance of integrated work between different specialties in accurate diagnosis and proper management of foot and ankle problems. These goals are planned to be achieved by presenting the necessary basic knowledge and by discussing the recent advances of foot and ankle problems and its management.

Doing this, we hope to open the door wide for young generations of orthopaedic surgeons and physicians to thoroughly understand the foot and ankle problems and to participate by their efforts to increase the community awareness of it and the best ways of its management. In addition, we will introduce the recent advances in management of foot and ankle problems that will satisfy experts interested in this field.

With our distinguished list of speakers, we hope that MIFAC will establish a solid base for more advancement in introducing the scientific knowledge concerning the foot and ankle this year and in the years to come.