I have the honor to write the welcome message for the 13th Mansoura International Foot and Ankle Course. As a part of the Mansoura Orthopaedic Department scientific program, we launched this course in 2009 as an annual course and it has been welcomed by all the participants along previous years. This year, our 13th course is planned to be in Tolip El Forsan Hotel - Ismailia .

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our annual meeting and I hope that the meeting has something of interest and educational value for every delegate. I would like to thank our distinguished faculty of invited speakers and chairpersons who have generously agreed to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Lastly, the Organizing committee has the pleasure to welcome all participants and speakers in the 13th Annual Mansoura International Foot and Ankle Course 2021(MIFAC). Their efforts in organizing this meeting will add to the advancement of this subspecialty within Egypt and internationally.

Once again, I look forward to sharing this academic experience with all of you. I encourage all of you to come ready to share your wealth of knowledge at this year's MIFAC.

Don't forget that this is an Annual Course and so, we hope to see you next year at the 14th Annual Mansoura International Foot and Ankle Course 2022.

Prof. Hani El-Mowafi
Professor Orthopaedic surgery and trauma
Mansoura university ,Egypt
President of the course